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I have a question for you: you kept mentioning you wanted a test for MRSA--how did you think that was going to change the management of your boil/cyst? The antibiotics you were getting (septra, clinda, tetracycline) are all active against MRSA anyway. The issue is that, you likely have a small cavity where the cyst is and because there is some residual infection/dead tissue left, the infection isn't ever totally cleared.

It sounds like they've never actually lanced the boil to drain it have they? The other thing is, sometimes you need to lance the boil, clean everything inside, and pack it for a few weeks so that the healing tissue doesn't close over and make another cavity.

Another thing that is possible is that it is not an infection at all but a condition known as hiradenitis suppuritiva. It is where the sweat gland ducts get blocked and they fill up with sweat and sebum and then get inflamed, but not infected. It tends to happen in moist areas of the body including underneath the breasts, in the inguinal region and the armpits.
One other thing: when doctors do something "just in case", what they are employing is a very acceptable form of medical therapeutics which is "empiric management". Boils and cysts are something that have been seen by doctors a COUNTLESS number of times, and numerous studies show that the most common organisms to cause something like that, by FAR, are Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococcus pyogenes. It is unnecessary to have microbiologic confirmation EVERY time you see a boil. You can base your treatment regimen on the most likely pathogens based on many years of empiric observations. Additionally, since lancing the boil is something they might not have wanted to do up front, it was very reasonable to add septra (bactrim) or tetracycline in case it was MRSA because the dual therapy would help eradicate it. In your case, however, since you had been back so many times, it was probably time to lance the thing and pack it before it got reinfected.