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I am also wondering at times if there is another reason this is happening. For instance, perhaps my body or even just my spine/neck is out of kilter a bit and needs some sort of readjustment. I remember feeling so much better after going to a chiropractor, which was right BEFORE my last untethering. I really believe I healed so much better after his adjustments because perhaps my cord was more "freed" from things that could impair the movement of the nerve impulses up and down it. I certainly felt like more oxygen was circulating through my body, and felt calmer. But I know chiropractic care is kind of controversial and can cause more problems in some cases, so I hesitate to make a blanket statement about it...but I believe it helped me, so I may consider going back, or to a cranial-sacral therapist, if things do not significantly improve.

I was also wondering if perhaps it has anything to do with the Septra DS I have been taking (antibiotic). Increased signs of nervousness as well as these worse symptoms more or less coincided with the beginning of the Septra. But it could just be a coincidence too. I did a search on the web for info on whether or not Septra could cause nerve damage/toxicity, and could not find any evidence of such. But I still wonder...

Also there might be some vitamin or mineral definciency, that is something to look into too...

It is so frustrating when you have problems like this because you cannot look inside your body and see what is really going on! I hate it. I have the same frustration with my urinary and prostate problems. But sometimes that is where faith comes in...and sometimes where you need technology. It's hard to determine which sometimes.

Oh my! While writing this I just got a porno site offer on my INSTANT MESSENGER! The unbridled relentlessness of these people never fails to amaze me. I hate this stuff, and hit "delete" on all e-mails, but until now have never been bothered on the ICQ. Wow, I hope this isn't a new avenue of junk mail, I'll have to get rid of the ICQ then....sheesh.

Anyway, sorry for the ranting. Have a great evening and day tomorrow!

- Al

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Thank you so much for your prayers and support. I really do have alot to deal with these days...it goes way beyond just spinal problems, bad as those are. The last 4 years I've experienced the trials of Job and Joseph combined, with huge losses of money from a failed business venture, health traumas and nightmares including a shocking and traumatic ER visit where I came an inch close to death, 2nd-degree burns from an accident, terrible symptoms leading to a major spinal operation, more huge money losses from said operation, major depression and suicidal desires, a few other shockingly traumatic experiences, troubles with the landlord, family problems, battles with numerous addictions (shopping being the biggest), battles with other health conditions like candida, chronic fatigue and prostate problems, and a host of other problems and trials. And that is just the broad picture without the gory details.

But as hard as all this has been and still is, God has been bringing me through it (slowly) and has been strengthening and deepening my character and my trust in Him. I have also come to where I can say I still have alot to be thankful for, and things could be worse than they are. And all this has really brought me closer to Him than I ever was, and I have been a believer since 1987.

It is also hard being 40 and not only never having been married, but never even having had a serious relationship. And I am hardly what you would call unattractive, it is just the way things have worked out. But I will take encouragement from your story, and Teri's...thank you both.

And Teri,

You are right about the diagnosis protocol with tethering...now that you mention it, I just remembered that the doctors did tell me that they would here on in do their diagnosis with the MRI results PLUS any reported symptoms. So the MRI, I was told, was not the only method of diagnosis for a tethering reoccurance. But see what your NS says, I'd be curious....

About your confusing symptoms and the whole chicken and egg question, do you find that your doctors are able at all to figure out which causes what? Yours is definitely a complicated case, and I am wondering if one doctor is able to follow it all and know what would possibly help everything, not just one symptom or set of symptoms. I surely hope you can get a comprehensive type of care and not just a fixer-upper for one sub-set of problems or symptoms.

It's funny, I have know people who have scoliosis and they don't experience any of the problems we do, such as the loss of bladder function. I guess there are different severities of scoliosis...I have not done alot of research on such. But If you say yours is "progressive," though, is there any way to prevent it from getting worse? I am wondering what if anything could be done here to keep this from getting worse over time...

Funny enough, since I stopped the Septra DS, my bad symptoms have really been lessening. I can't prove a scientific connection, but I did mention it to my urologist and he said it is possible. He prescribed me Cipro instead, which I will try, cautiously. I also felt very "nervous" on the Septra, and that leads me to believe that anything was possible with that drug affecting my spinal nerves too. Funny because I used to take it when I was a teenager and had none of these problems with it.

About the Primal Defense, I'd be willing to buy some for you here and mail it if you are ever interested. I can get it right on my corner, my building is right above a Vitamin Shoppe. The only problem would be exchanging e-mail addresses, as I believe that is a no-no on this board, but I am not sure about that...

Well, sorry for the long post, but thanks to you and Jeanine for listening and for all the support and encouragement. Talk to you soon,