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jenny...I am writing just to remind you to get all the stuff you will need to help with detoxing C/T. before you start. Do you know what you are gonna get, if anything at all? I got off of a Lortab 10mg(40 a day) C/T. I can tell you what I had and what could help you if no one has told you...Ill give it and you take what you feel might work for you,...and BTW...it takes alot of courage to cross that line from admitting you have a problem over to taking the hard action it will take to get clean....so again...props to you.

I used a couple of Darvocet every 6 hours for the first night...Darvocet is used in alot of detox centers...it's chemical structure is similar to methadone. So I used 2 every six hours for the first day...then bye bye to the Darvocet. If you can get a Catapres patch from a Dr. it will help in a huge way. It is a blood pressure patch that also helps with the twitchy, restless legs, etc...to as low as possible. Also if you can get something to help you sleep(this is where I messed up, and paid major for it) I did not have anything to helpme sleep and did not sleep for 3 straight days and nights...go back and read my old posts while I was detoxing and I swear I saw Elvis...thats how bad the hallucinations were due to lack of sleep...so Xanax, Valium, Ativan, Restoril, Serax, Halcion, Ambien, or Sonota...those are a few that can be used to help you sleep. Make sure and have a good size bottle of immodium for you stomach that you will need. Make sure and drink lots of water, take daily vits, eat something even though you wont feel like it. HOT HOT baths for the restless legs...they are a godsend. Just some suggestions take what you like and just leave the rest. Just trying to help it be a little easier on you. One more thing...I made sure I had no pills of my DOC in the house, car, etc... Gave my car keys to my father to take to work and put in his locker so I had no way to go Dr. shopping if it got real bad. Just make sure to cover all the bases...GOOD LUCK, Im rootin for ya