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there is a big difference in what you arre desrcibing and drug induced physcosis...i was on bupenorphine for opiate addiction..called buprenex,it was muscsle injectable and i was taking serax,benzo, and restoril for sleep...i ran out of the buprenex one day and took hydrocodone to ease the w/d's and took the serax and restoril although i shouldnt have,didnt really need to....anyways i went up to the store to get two drinks for my kids and that was the last thing i remebered...i went into a drug phsychosis and pulled over and started to pull weeds on the side of a higheway....i didnt know who i was,where i was,ect....i was arrested and taken to the hospital...because i had mixed the bupenorphine which is a atagonist/antagonist and hydro's plus the benzos it put my brain into major alice in wonderland...i learned never to mix the meds....after all,i was takin the bupe to get off the opiates but it is an opiate also plus the other meds for anxiety and sleep...you have found adddiction is a pain...i was taking 50 lortabs a day,plus developed other opiate addictions...if you follow the program right,the suboxone will keep you away from the pain meds...it is a pain med also with different characteristics...but it will help you...you will also become dependant on it or will go into w/d's....my suggestion is do not take any oyther meds than what they prescribe for you...it will help you think positive again,help with depression that goes along with opiate addiction since it robs us of the brain chemical seretonin...get into a/a or n/a or some type of recovery program along with the medication and you may have success beating this disease....addiction is different than drug induced physcosis....chef