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you had a drug induced physcosis...i had it once also....i was taking bupenorphine for opiate addiction and they prescribed two benzos to go along with it...restoril and serax....when takin properly it made me feel ok and certainly helped with my coping of addiction..one day i ran out of my bupe and took a couple extra restoril/serax to help me sleep that night and instead i wound up in my truck,10 miles from home pulling weeds on the side of a busy intersection..i was arrested and charged with dui...i beat the charge in court with a 1500 dollar attorney but the medical aspect of it was i was in a physcosis...thats why i try to let folks who are taqkin suboxone/subutex/buprenex for addiction/opiate maintance that personally i would not mix benzos with the bupe...it has the potential for some problems...chef