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Hi, i've never posted anything before, but i'm running out of options and could really use some advice. My symptoms started 8 months ago, i was going to the gym to get rid of some baby weight and i started to feel off balance, i went to my dr after about 2 weeks and was told i had a sinus infection, and even went for sinus x-ray, i went on antibiotics and seemed to be getting a little better, then my dizziness came back, then i was hit with horrible headaches, the first one lasted about 2 weeks straight, had to take percocet to get relief. Went to ER had CT scan, it was clear, had lots of bloodwork, all clear. Went to ENT everything was fine. Went to neuro, put me on topamax, didn't like the way it made me feel, he thought i had migraines, stopped taking topamax. Had horrible anxiety and panic attacks, especially at night, was put on serax, still taking, helps me sleep. Then i started getting severe pressure in my head and ears, this seemed to add to my balance problem, symptoms come and go. I now have left eye lid twitch, on and off everyday, left hand numb and tingley and left foot numbness. Am now seeing chiro, not sure if helping, am seeing neuro again in march. And headaches come and go, but when i get them they are very bad. I've never had a problem with any of these symptoms. Not sure if i have inner ear problem or something more serious like MS. I also had negative MRI/MRA. If anyone has any insight on my problems please help!!! I have a 1 year old, and it's very hard getting by day by day with these symptoms.