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I have severe axiety and panic disorders, and the doctor just recently switched me from Serax which is Oxazepam, to Valium, the question I want to know is about the dosage, because I was taking Oxazepam 15mg 4 times a day which is a total of 60mg a day, and now she put me on Valium 5mg three times a day, is that a similar dose compared between the two of them??. And if anyone knows, what is the difference between the two??
Also does anyone else have any luck taking Oxazepam, which do you think is better, Valium or Serax (Oxazepam) for anxiety and a sedative. Or what seems to work the best for most people. Shane.
Thanks for the info, I was thinking it was maybe around 20mg's of Valium that equaled 60mg's of serax, for some reason I'm having a tough time with all of them. For some reason it doesn't seem to help me anymore. I have all the anxiety at night, I do take the 3 pills of valium I mentioned a day, I guess I just worded it wrong, but I should say I take the 15mg's at bedtime because I have insomnia as well. When I was on Oxazepam I was taking 60mg's at bedtime as well. They don't even make me feel tired. They used to, but they don't anymore. For some reason I have a hard time being sedated, even in the hospital for certain procedure's. They used something called Versed which is supposed to be in the benzo family, and it didn't even knock me out. I'm not sure if 60mg's of serax, or 20mg's of valium is considered a high dose taken at once. Is there something else better that I don't know of that would work better??. Because so far I've tried Ativan, Oxazepam, Temazepam, Clonazepam, and now Diazepam. Can someone help me out?? thanks.