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when booze is attached to any one problem area in your life it is a red flag one to heed trust me. I as well come from a line of alcoholics and untill 3 years ago i was quite steeped in it myself I had a big job and earned big money but it was all relevent as I had big expenses and I functioned quite well at my job but not in any other area of my life today I am retired due to a work injury BUT!!! I am a full time student am 55 years old live on a very moderate pension and have never been happier in my entire life. I was very lucky because I had all of these friends around me and they all had fancy names and came dressed in pretty colors I think the Halcion was blue the Xanax was pink the Serax was white and it goes on and on . A pill because I couldn't sleep another because of my anxiety I also was in recovery from cancer and there you have it was I an addict? you bet I was and of the worst kind not everyone knew it but a lot did my daughters did and if not for them I would not be alive today they would hide my colorful friends when I was drinking which was every weekend, it took me untill Wednesday to recover from Fridays happy hour which gave me 1 full day of feeling well just long enough to prepare for Friday and on and on it went. Today my biggest enjoyment is if my cup of tea will taste great and you know something this has been the best time of my life. I have absolutly no idea why I am telling you this probably because i want to say if you think you have a substance abuse problem the odds are that you do and once you admit that then and only than can you go on with a full life and you won;t know what it is to be happy untill you allow yourself to be.