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Hi Smack

It is not all that unusual to take an anti psychotic while being depressed. I have major depression and post traumatic stress disorder. My doctor told me that anti psychotics are prescribed off label to people with certain problems. The main ones are seroquel and zyprexa. I was unable to sleep because I had continuing flashbacks and suicidal thought and worrying thoughts and negative thoughts running through my head on a loop. It was like my brain would just not shut off during the day or at night no matter what I did. I used to have to blare the television at top volume to drown out the thoughts that were driving me crazy. Zyprexa took care of this problem. It allowed me to not ruminate about everything at night and helped with sleep. I am sure that your husbands doctor doesn't think that he is psychotic. If I were you I would ask him to explain why he thinks zyprexa would be useful to your husband, ask him to explain his reasoning. They will tell you why they think it is a good idea.

I wish you and your husband luck.