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kini - the basic underlying fear is after all you have suffered through what kind of life will the baby have - this is your question - will it be damned to the pain an torment you suffer with? there is no way to tell - no way of knowing.. perhaps god does not like the sound of our voice - perhaps he does not hear - but surely you have read in the bible that if you knock the door will open - its just a question of when. I do not know the mind of god - how could any of us.. and I do not believe those stupid things that people say about god answering prayer - if he did we would all be living in paradise right now with no war no sufferning no pains and sorrow.. There are reasons why things are as they are - reasons we cannot fathom - god is no respector of men and their feeble voices and desires..
I am have now gone seven days without remeron and seroquel - I am 48 years old - I have suffered with clinical depression and major depression and panic attacks for the last 30 years.. I have died thousands of times I have known people like myself that are now dead by their own hand - they could not bare the weight.
I can say something to you - something that is real - if you say your prayers for your unborn baby perhaps this is the answer to the questions you now have. The faith in a god that will not hear your voice speaks greatly of the faith in your heart - the understanding and acceptence of your life - your fate - your continued waiting of god - how then could he not honor your child? A prayer not for yourself but for another.. And it does not matter if you keep the child or if your capable of keeping your child due to the heaviness of your life. Flesh makes flesh does it not - but only god supplies the spirit and only god determines fate.
I am still alive at age 48 not through the joy of life - but through the understanding that this life can do as it pleases and all the powers behind it - but it will not destroy what I know of the truth behind all the lies that torment me through it all..
We reach places where we cry out to god not with words but with the pain of wounded animals - the sobbing and noise and tears from out sorrows and pains - these are perfect prayers that reach into god more than any of our words.
Do not die kini. Do not believe the lies of your depression - these things can only endure for the course of this lifetime - do not embrace them and carry them into the next life. You have made it this far - continue on - continue to struggle and continue to try to overcome - one day - maybe soon some of the fog will lift and you will know why it is you have endured so much.
I see you live in omaha - I am not far away - I exist in lincoln - my prayers for you are not far away - does god hear the sounds of a heart concerning itself with the struggle of others? I do not know - the bible tells us to pray - but in this life when you live with depression and the weight of it - every moment is a prayer - the cry of mercy - the desire to smile and know something beyond the hell we live..

without remeron and now finding yourself falling falling falling - there is only one course of action - reaching out to others - and using them as your safeguard that you don't fall so far your gone.

I read your words and felt your life. Your not alone - many others will help you if you reach for them - through this trying time..
Why are you going to have a baby? I do not know - as hard as it seems to believe maybe its suppose to be a saving grace for you.. Only time will tell... In the meantime go through this one day at a time.. One moment at a time - do not blast your mind with all the thoughts of what it all it means in terms of you and your depression and how impossible it is to understand..