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Hello All,
My psychiatrist gave me Seroquel for me Schizophrenia. The directions were to start off with half a pill for 2 days. (The pills are 100 mgs each) I just started today although I was supposed to a few months ago, but found out I was pregnant. I had a miscarriage last month.
Anyway, I took half a pill this morning and wow! HUGE side effects... Including blurry vision, I couldnt hear myself talk, very dry mouth, feeling extreamly ill to my stomach, very cold, too dizzy to walk, and I couldnt keep my eyes open although I wasnt sleepy.
Im wondering if those are things that will go away, or if Im deadly allergic to them. ?
Im supposed to take 2 a day now, and if 2 doesnt work, then 3 a day. If I cant handle half a pill a day, theres no way Im taking 2 or 3 a day...
Any info is appreciated.