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anxiety man - I was on lorazepam for about 7 years - .5 three times a day - as was on various anti depressants and anti psychotics the same time - I went off the lorazepam cold turkey with no withdrawal - and started klonopiin - I was also on remeron and seroquel at that time - long history of clinical depression and panic attacks - about three weeks ago I went off the remeron and seroquel cold turkey - continue to take the klonopin to keep the panic attacks at bay. The general feeling in the psychiatric setting is that panic and depression go hand in hand - but I wonder about this - I have always been given anti depression meds when going to a doctor because by the time I got to a doctor I was depressed - but I think I was depressed because I was having anxiety and panic attacks all the time..
After 30 some years with these conditions I can not remember what non depression feels like - sometimes I can be crying and laughing at the same time - sometimes I can just start crying for no reason - other times I can be like a rock in the face of any emotional crisis.
the day I stopped taking the remeron and seroquel the PA who was treating me kept telling me I was depressed - and I realized to him I was while to myself I was just business as usual - and this being the case why was I messing up my body staying on anti depressants and anti psychotics for seven years straight? (before remeron and seroquel I was on amitriptyline and perphenazine) - so here it is 23 days after stopping these meds and I have had no withdrawal and my outlook is slightly better than it was while on meds..
My thought is - that once we get labeled and told we have this thing about us - does it stop us from investigating further into other possibilities regarding our chemistry. I think read somewhere regarding mental illnesses that one third get better with meds and one third get better without meds and one third stay the same. and in my case when I started taking anti depressive meds was it a case of placebo - me believing this med was going to help so it did. I don't know - I have been suicidal before but not now - so we forget just how down and out we can get - but my point in here is it seems to me that my body and brain chemistry is living by its own rules and don't really seem to do much for the overall improvement of life.. The remeron caused me to gain 25 lbs and wrecked my cholesterol levels but did make me sleep good and I miss that.
Yesterday I went to a movie and for the first time in many years I did not have one panic thought come into my head - I was able to sit and relax - when I stopped the meds I started taking large amounts of fish oil for the cholesterol problem - I have since read that in a study done they found depressed people had low levels of omega 3s - EPA and DHA - which is what you find in fish oil - I also started taking lecithin - lysine and vitamin C. Is this helping with my depression? I don't know I only know I have not relapsed into deression or gone through any withdrawal like I thought I would.