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Has anyone tried wellbutrin sr + seroquel for depression, anxiety, etc. I would be interested to know of your experience, side effects of the seroquel. I have been on wellbutrin sr for awhile, but due to anxiety, nervousness, fear, my Dr. has added seroquel at bedtime. Anyone have any positive or negative things to say about this combo? Thanks for any help you can offer.
My experience with seroquel was like drinking water. It did nothing! I had to be put on Klonopin. I also take Welbutrin.
My experience in working with a child on Seroquel was not a pleasant one. He was extremely violent about 30 min after taking it. This lasted for about an hour and then he was exhausted. That's my experience with it.
I take Zoloft and Seroquel. I take Seroquel for sleep. For me, it works great. The only problem I've noticed is that if I take the full dose (100 mg), I have a little trouble waking up in the morning. So I stick to half that dose and I feel fine and sleep better than ever. One thing, though--if you take it every day, you will have lots of trouble sleeping if you try to get off it. My doctor says it's not habit forming, so the addiction element of it is not the problem (at least for me). It's the side effects when you try to get off Seroquel that can be troublesome. I suggest only taking the Seroquel when you absolutely need sleep and can't get it any other way. Wellbutrin is notorious for making you antsy, so I don't know how it will work for you to only take Seroquel as needed. You may need it more than I do. After I got on Zoloft, all of my "issues" dissapated, so sleep comes a lot easier to me now. This enables me to take the Seroquel only when I really need it. If it was prescribed to you for sleep, use when needed. I know it's prescribed for other reasons, but I can't see using it during the day. It makes you waaaaaay too sleepy. Good luck.
seroquel seems to be an antipsychotic, these are sometimes given for anxiety