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Hi everyone. I am making a decision to go on either Risperdone or Seroquel for sleep. Believe me I have tried everything before. I think I even tried Risperdone a while back but don't remember side effects. I need some feedback to make my decision. Anyone tried either one? Side effects? Weight gain? Does it help your sleep. I have to make this decision soon, and I have to sleep soon too.
When I was hospitalized I was given Seroquel for sleep. I was given it in different doses three times a day, the highest dose at night to knock me out. I think it's great stuff. I always sleep a whole night through with no dreams, and like a rock. I'm slowly tapering down the doses though, because when I wake up and take my morning dose I tend to get a little spacey and flakey for a few hours. I used to take 50 mg twice a day and then 100 mg at night, right now I am down to 50mg just in the morning and night. It's still helping, but I am hoping to slowly taper completely off because I am just taking too many medications right now.