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hey! yeah, i havent been around much. i wish i could say that i am getting better. so much family drama. school is becoming too much. my mom is getting chemo and radiation and i am just going crazy!!! but today i do have my appt with the therapist. i want to tell her how i feel, i feel rather afraid, i dont want her to send me to cpep. its too much of a hassel. and my mom will be pissed at me.

i went to the psych nurse yesterday and she raised my seroquel up to 150mgs, it has cleared my mind a bit, but i still get the paranoias and such, so i hope it starts to work better.

how is it going with you? i hope that you are fairing well.

the therapist canceled the appointment because she fell ill. cpep stands for "comprehensive psychiatric evaluation program i think. it was basically a psychiatric emergency room. i was sent there twice, once because i was suicidal, and another time because i ran out of meds and was feeling suicidal again.

perhaps your doctor can put oyu on a different sleep aid. if the seroquel isnt helping. i wish you well!