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Just wanted to drop in and say hello to everyone. I was a member of the boards a few years ago, but I guess when it was updated my membership was lost...no biggie though. Anyway, I am currently dealing with depression/anxiety have been for many years. I have tried various meds like zoloft, paxil, welbutrin, lexapro and now I am currently on (2 days now) effexor and take seroquel for sleep. The seroquel really works well, helps me fall right to sleep, but I was wondering how long it would take to notice the effexor? The last anti I was on was the welbutin, but it didn't work to well, it actually made my symptoms worse...long story short, I went to a regular doc and he prescribed the welbutrin, bad mistake. After finally see a real psyc doctor she decided to drop the welbutrin and start the effexor, because the welbutrin was actually causing "MY" symptoms to become worse...I had very bad anger and rage problems even though I was depressed. I seemed to lose a lot of weight while on the welbutrin too, something I didn't really need to do, but from reading some of the other post I see that some of the other people say effexor caused them to gain weight, so for me this would be great. Well I guess I have babbled long enough, but I hope to get to know each and everyone of you better.

Take care :)