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in our last meeing the psychiatrist and I agreed that seeing her every three months was wasteful of time - and she wrote me a script for one year with me having to call her every three months to have the next batch sent - I had been researching tegretol as a medicine for myself prior to this - but did not tolerate the med - she asked me what I wanted and I was not prepared since the tegretol deal had depressed me - and I was telling her I didn't know what to do next for my static state of depression - part of my collected list - somatoform disorder - clinical depression - panic disorder - bi polar II - and schitzoid personality disorder. (there are other things too) - the last 20 years haven't been much fun.. lol - anyway I asked for klon and seroquel and was given this - however even though my condition has been static for quite some time I am not ready to give up on trying new things - however it was the doctors thought - I am one of those who don't get better and can only do things to stay stable and not kill myself. this is all through the VA and its a small VA and I feel now I have been label and its a lost cause for me to fight to see another VA shrink here. since its now documented in my charts that my condition is static.. what to do - I do not feel like I want to be on klon and seroquel - have already regressed some on the six weeks I have been taking the seroquel - and can feel panic attacks starting to churn below the surface - anybody been to the bottom and found a way back - I am not talking about being laid low by own condition -but laid low by the medical profession - who do you go to? when they don't want to see you. I am on disability and have no insurance to cover outside the VA medical care..