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Quote from sharonlynn:
I have just been prescribed Topamax for mild bp as a mood stabalizer and sleep aid. Has anyone taken it and what has your experience been? Any side effect, good or bad and at what dosage? thanks.


hi sharon
i've recently been prescribed topomax partially as a mood stabilizer but more so for treating the massive weight gain i have gotten from taking drugs like: zyprexa, seroquel, and respiridone. i'd like to hear more updates on how you are doing with the drug, i'm starting on 50 mg a day for a the first week and raised 50mg per week up to about 200mg i think. i have gained 50 lbs in the last 6 months. i am currently on 60mg of celexa, 10mg valium 3 times a day and nozinan 40 mg at bedtime... my diagnosis is BPD. Good Luck to you and hope it works the way you expect