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Since my last post for this, I have been in the ER 2X last week. Blood tests show liver imflammation possibly caused by Depakote or Seroquel. All hepatitis tests are negative. Mono test, negative. The second Dr in the ER immediately said it was fibro without any suggestion from me or my husband. By last Tuesday, every muscle on my body seemed like a deep bruise. So on Friday, when I was in the ER, the Dr touch several places and I came unglued. He also added that fibro could not be definitely diagnosed until the liver imflammation was gone. I have gone to my PCP on Tuesday and it was the most disappointing visit I have ever had. When I left there, I was sobbing crying because she would not even listen to the progression of events. She is convinced that I am addicted to pain meds. I insisted that I wanted to get to the bottom of this and I didn't care if she ever gave me another prescription for ANYthing. My biggest concern is the extreme fatigue. I get tired just walking to the bathroom. My muscles feel like I've ran 1000 miles. The pain is getting better but the fatigue is about the same. I have changed Dr's to an internist close to the house because even driving tires me out. So, I'm not for sure if it's fibro. I'm thinking it is a side effect of the Seroquel. Only time will tell.