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I started Seroquel about 8 weeks ago. I have experienced some major "rare side effects". The Dr's are not confirming this yet. But, I searched the PDR web and had 10 of the rare side effects. I was in the ER 2X last week for extreme bone and muscle pain. Not to mention, nausea, diarhea, migraine, extreme fatigue, muscle soreness. The blood work comes back that I have liver imflammation. They do not know what caused it yet because I have yet to find a Dr' who will properly do their job and listenn to the progression of events. Has anyone else been on Seroquel and what is your experience?
i take 800 mg of seroquel 200 am and 600 pm, and it works well for me..makes you a little tired though..if it is making you so sick you probably shouldnt be taking it and if your telling the doctor that its making you sick and he/she still insists you take it, you need a new doctor!
I have stopped taking it and I'm starting to feel better. However, I was just dx with fibromyalgia. So that might be where the problem is. However (again) I think the Seroquel helped the symptoms along.
I took Seroquel for a quite a while in the past. I had to slowly work up to my dosage (and cannot for the life of me recall what that dosage was now) because I felt like I had a hangover all day long. I read some information a couple of months ago that links Seroquel with diabetes, and many are suing. Good luck