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Hi Lynn, thank you for sharing your sons story with me. You know you have every right to know how much of the drugs he was using. His old friends should let you know the truth. I was curious to know how many exctasy pills he took? And how much meth he was using and for how long? It definetly sounds like the drugs caused him to go psycho. I was wondering what does he do all day. Like what time does he wake up and go to bed. Does he have trouble talking, or sounding logical? Maybe he doesn't want to admit there is something wrong wth him because it is so painful for him, or he did alot of brain damage and he has no clue where his addiction led him. I stopped using when i started to feel a little shaky and i had trouble talking in one of my college classes i was attending at the time, and i was not on any drugs so i knew something seriously was wrong with me. I will never forget that day, i was in class and the teacher asked everyone to tell the class a little bit about themselves. When my turn came i had difficulty talking and i was shaky. On my way home from class i had a panic attack i started feeling dizzy and out of it. When i got home i told my parents i had a problem for the past 3 years and i have decided to stop because i was experiancing weird things. My parents were so upset I told them i neede to see a doctor right away. The next 3 weeks were pure hell, i ended up going to 3 doctors because i wasn't sure what was going on then i went to the psych ward at a hospital and they told me nothing was wrong just stay off the drugs. I knew i was feeling weird because of all the drugs i had done, the only thing i could do at that point was pray and hope i would not completly loose it. I decided to continue going to school even though it was so difficult. I stopped using cocaine august 20 2003 and vicodin September 2003. I went to an outpatient rehab for 2 months to understand what was wrong with me. That year i did alot of research on cocaine addiction and continue to do so. I believe that i have brain damage from mixing all the drugs, and partial cocaine psychosis. It is very similar to schizoprenia. I tried working last year but it ws so hard for me because i would have perceptual problems and difficulty understanding what people were saying to me, even though people at my job were complimenting me on what a great job i was doing. I was a housekeeper at an assisted living place. I went from a professional ballet dancer and choreographer and practicly a college graduate, to a housekeeper and psychotic. It is so depressing for me, I try to fight it. I tell myself focus on one thing at a time and don't thinl you are crazy and sometimes this gets me through the day. You know it is so sad the one thing i look forward to during the day is going to bed. My illness has made me affraid of the world. I only communicate with my parents and sister. My boyfriend and I are having problems and I think alot of it has to do with me an my problems. I just don't know how i can have a normal relationship with him if i have all these problems. I think he doesn't like me anymore because of what i have and he just does't want to admit it. Instead he tries to mess with my head and he breaks plans with me last minute. All he wants to do is hang out with his friends and work. He used to buy me things all the time and take me on vacation now it is the complete opposite. Plus I am worried what his parents are think if they notice my problems one day and so iam avoiding them. I cannot let them know i did all these drugs and so iam screwd up now, they will never respect me thats just the type of people they are. What do you think? Can I be with a guy if i have paranoia and memory problems?
Iam really interested in what your son does all day, does he exercise? I walk almost everyday and i take some exercise classes, it makes me feel a little in control. What kind of medications is your son taking, antipsychotics right? What did they put him on seroquel or zyprexa, risperidone, which ones and how many milligrams? I was prescribed medication however, iam not taking it because it is another drug and there are a lot of side effects. Do his friends come visit him, does he watch tv at least, does it look like he has no idea where he is? What are your plans for him in the future? Do you know if he used downers as well like pain killers or sleeping pills to help come off the meth.
That is so weird Iam the same way, when people ask me something I also answer with yes or no. Also I have to say,"what" all the time because I don't understand right away what somebody is saying to me. I might not hear them well or my head is in lala land. Whenever someone talks to me I ask them to repeat what they sayed like 3 times till i understand what they are talking about. It is so frustrating because I feel like an 80 year old women, but when you look at me you see an attractive 25 year old women. I do the same thing as Mike I watch alot of TV, that is one thing that doesn't make me feel bonkers most of the time. I also spend a lot of time thinking about all the times I was high out of my face. It helps me realize I feel weird because i did alot of drugs and there are consequences. I have to stop thinking about the past it is only going to make me feel more depressed.
That is really good that your son is working, at least he can do that. Doctors tell me Iam not schizoprenic, even though I insist on it. But one doctor diagnosed me as having psychosis due to drugs, and bipolar. He prescribed me seroquel but i tried it and it makes me feel worse. If I take it Iam not motivated to do anything, like taking my regular walks. Before I started my drug addiction I was a very active person and i enjoyed exercising on a daily basis. The medication just slows me down it doesn't take away my problems. So i would rather be a crazy person who can work out. Oh my gosh i tried abilify and the next day i could not see anything for like 3 minutes everything was blurry to me. But everyone is different and that medication may be right for your son. You know our bodies get used to medications very easily and then you need more and more and more to get the same effect. If thats the case then maybe that is a sign that the meds are actually doing more harm then good. Because medication is just another drug and like other drugs you get side effects and then you need to increase the dosage, and then when you try to come off the stuff you end up getting withdrawl symptoms. But if your son is extremly paranoid and aggresive off the drugs then maybe it is a good idea to keep him on them. I have decided if i start to feel worse i will take medicaton. I met some people that have mental illness and they tell me how they always have to change medications, and in the end it seems like the meds are just causing more problems. Honestly i don't know what to think anymore. I have realized alot through my recovery process, everyone has problems in life. You cannot control everything, maybe thats just what god wants. The only thing you can do is except what ever you have and live with it as best as you can. I was still wondering how long did he use the meth for? Like 1 year or two? I did the same thing as Mike when I did use I would go overboard, i almost died like 3 times because at one point i could not breath. I realize now why i was so hooked on it and why i would do more even though it would make me paranoid and psycho. Your brain gets used to the drug and it ends up wanting more to try to get the same feeling as before but after a while it changes the chemistry in your brain. Some people realize when enough is enough and it is doing more harm, others don't, like me and Mike we did not know we were slowly making ourselves crazy. Somedays i wish i had died from an overdose, this way i would not be going through the rest of my life as a lunatic.