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Well, I'm back again, and I still have the thought broadcasting. I can't seem to shake it no matter what I do. I've been on so many different medications its sickening!

Anyone else have problems with this? cause I don't think I can take anymore...nothing works for me! (Including the suggestions made in the previous post) Thanks, btw. :)

I'm currently taking a cocktail of resperidol, and seroquel, but like I said, it's not working. Has anyone had much luck with different meds for this?

Btw, people do care what comes out of my head. (I can see it on their faces)



As is the faux silence desperately held beneath my
closely guarded lips,
a restless spirit manifests into the opened minds
of many a man.

Existing solely on disturbed thoughts, unruly feelings,
fleeting images, and mind
they form a viable essence then travel far beyond
original home.

Brilliant in quest a great force thrusts the new entities
into mankind’s
mental dimensions, and into the very grey matter
of unwary hosts.

The restless spirit harbors thought, and the illusive silence
is tied to my own mind.
This mental rape screams a voiceless panorama, and insanity
is tacked on my invaded soul.