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I am new to this so please bear with me.
My father is what I would say in between the early and middle stages of Alzheimers. Physically he is fit. He is able to take care of all of his own needs as long as you remind him. He dresses, feeds and can even go for a walk around the block by himself. He is a very kind and mild mannered man, except with my mom. He is totally consumed with sex when he is with her. He is constantly after her. He is quite impotent and has been for years, only he does not remember this and when he does, he blames it on mom. When she refuses him, he gets very angry, accuses her of affairs has even choked her and he threatens her often. He simply cannot be diverted. Some days he is just as sweet and kind to her as he can be. This only happens all of a sudden and can last for days. He is on resperidol and seroquel. He does fine when someone is there and acts fine.

We have temporarily put him in assisted living while we search for some help out there. In my mind I am hoping that there is some medications that could keep him calm enough around my mom that he could go home for a while, at least until he gets bad enough physically to be placed. I have heard from some people that a psychiatrist would be the professional that could help with the medications. We are having no luck whatsoever with internal medicine doctors or neurologist in my area. Maybe I am hoping against hope, but I am very close to my father and it is killing me to see him in the home. He keeps asking why he is there and does not understand.

Any comments or help would certainly be appreciated.