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My psychotic symptoms were mainly hearing voices and hallucinating. I would hear voices telling me to kill myself or to cut or just saying my name. I heard another voice that would crack jokes and then I'd be sitting there looking like a fool laughing out loud while everyone else was looking at me wondering what I was laughing at. I hallucinated also...I'd see a black figure moving around, birds flying around the room, and bugs crawling on the walls. I'd see the walls closing in on me (and I'm claustrophobic so I'd freak out when that would happen). I also have really bad paranoia and always feel like I'm being followed. Like if the phone rings and noone answers I'd feel that it was someone that was watching me and stuff like that. I was put on Seroquel and Risperdal and that took away my hallucinations and hearing voices but I still have problems with paranoia. I also still have problems with depression. My psychotic features haven't gone away because if I don't take my anitpsychotics they come back. Was off my meds for 3 weeks last month and the hallucinations started to come back. :nono: