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Hey all. First Id like to say that im not schizophrenic but rather i have Bipolar I and OCD, and also paranoia/delusions but my psychatrist doesnt believe that the paranoia is linked with my Bipolar. nor does he believe that i am schizoaffective. So my Diagnosis he tells me is Bipolar I, OCD and psychosis.

Anyway, I have tried so many antipsychotics (well not that many I guess, Ive tried more antidepressants, 17 to be exact). The only drug that has worked for me is Seroquel but I had to stop it because of an allergic reaction to the drug.

I have tried Respridal, Zyprexa, Solian, Seroquel, Abilify, and Largactil (Thorazine).

Most have given me really bad akathisia which I had to take benztropine to stop it which helped some what. When I was on Solian i developed early signs of tardive dyskinesia and had to stop the drug and it went away after a while thankfully.

I just really want the paranoia to go away and I dont know what else to try. I dont want to stop the Zyprexa either though as its the only thing that stops me from going manic. I tried stopping it recently and I went manic within days.

Anyway, can anyone recommend some antipsychotics that are good for paranoia or is it just a trial and error thing based on individual response to a drug? I dont think I really want to be on a typical again, I really didnt like Largactil (Thorazine) that much. I felt so overheated on it all the time, and thinking felt very slow I cant describe it.

Take care and thank you.