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Hi everyone
I was talking to my best friend tonight and telling her about my appointment with my shrink. I was saying how I was asking him about decreasing my seroquel because it causes appetite increase and I feel like that's happened to me. He was saying how it may just be that in my recovery I am beginning to re-establish a relationship with food where I'm actually hungry and wanting and maybe enjoying food. I understood what he was saying.
So I was telling my friend and saying how it made sense because I have spent so much time hating food, being afraid of it, and pretending not to be hungry that of course it is foreign and anxiety provoking to actually WANT it.
She is 51yrs old and had an ED. She has been in recovery for years and years.
Anyway, she said "How old are you Lauren? You're 26 and you've only been dealing with this for like the last year. You make it sound like you've been dealing with this since you were like two years old"
I was really hurt and angered by this. But of course being the NON-confrontational person I am, I didn't say anything and just let it go.
I feel like she thinks what only matters is how long a person has dealt with an ED and not how it made them feel. I mean does the amount of time someone deals with the internal HELL of an ED, the constant anxiety, calorie counting, obsessing, not FEELING, not living life, basing existance on a freaking number on a scale or a jean size really make or break it?
I mean you may be reading this and have never dealt with an ED, been dealing with it since the age of 15 and be like 40, or be my age and only dealt with it for 6 months (or whatever) but overall does that really matter?
I don't know, maybe it does but not to me. I mean 1 year can feel like an eternity when you are dealing with something like an ED, depression, a physical illness or whatever. I guess I'm just baffled, especially since she's had an ED herself.
I guess I'm just looking for other people's thoughts.

Thanks for listening