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I was diagnosed with schizophrenia at 16..and have been through all the anti-psychotic drugs out there in the last 5 years...my body just can't handle them. I've been put on Seroquel again...and have been on it for a year and a bit..on 150mg. If I go over that..I get painful heart murmurs and my eyes roll in weird ways. So 150 is safe. I still get that now n then..but can deal with it now. I was reading about Seroquel just now...and I noticed a few side-effects...that I have really bad...I've just never taken notice of all of them...thought it was just my body...

"Rare side effects may include:Abnormal dreams,abnormal thinking,chills,dehydration,ear ringing,eye pain,increased sex drive,irregular pulse,lack of coordination,manic reaction,migraine,painful urination,paralysis,paranoia,rectal bleeding,swollen testicles,taste disturbances,thirst,teeth grinding,twitching,"

....I get all of them...and everyday too. I'm always dehydrated...I wake up..and I can't swallow...I drink gallons upon gallons of water each day. I have crazy dreams..and I wake up paralysed...or with migraines...I always get weird blood pressure/heart problems on anti-psychotics..I'm always get paranoid..in weird situations..I find it hard to leave the house...even if I'm going somewhere safe...like a friends...I get a high pitch ringing in one ear...that no-one else can hear....sometimes I taste nothing at all...and say I ate something like plain rice...it would have this incredible taste. I've had alot of these on other medications too...but there is one....that I never had until taking Seroquel again this year....and thats an increased sex drive...it really is out of control...I have never been/thought that way...sometimes 24/7...that is all that is going through me....thoughts and feelings of wanting sexual activity..but at the same time...I want it to go away...only thing is it won't go away...and I'm distracted and bothered...that I'm feeling/thinking like that...because it's not me at all. I lay awake every night worrying about why...these feelings won't go away. I also have painful urination....and now n then my privates are really hurting....
I can't just tell my doctor...shes a young female...and I don't feel comfortable talking with her about these things...it will ruin me completely!!!
Why would it ruin you to tell your doctor this? She's a professional and will not be offended. I recommend you print what you just wrote and take it in for her to access. In recovering from serious mental-illness, it is important to be forthcoming with your doctor. If you can't bare that kind of honesty with your current dr maybe you should get another?

As to your side-effects ... you must be exteremly sensitive to seroquel to be on such a low dose and experience all the known side-effects! It is possible but it is also possible that some of what you are thinking are side-effects are in fact the illness. For instance 'weird thoughts' could be the illness not the side-effect. You need to discuss this with a professional though.

take care.