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Thank you all so much for your replies. I am sorry for not responding before now, my email response wasn't clicked! Anyway, the surgeon did call me and said he had denied it becuase he wanted to talk to me before refilling it. He says this is his last one and the pain doc will decide "what to do with me". Excuse the HE** out of me for still hurting!!
To Dave's point....yes, I know the surgeon's office will cut me off eventually...that's a no brainer. Yes, I KNOW there are several other ways other than opiates to releive pain.....I have done pretty much everything, PT, relaxation, stretching, acupuncture, a few (5) ESI's (done over the last almost 3 years)....oh yes, let's not forget NSAID therapy, Antidepressant therapy....sleeping pills, IE Elavi, Seroquel, etc... so the world of pain management is not new to me....hence my screen name...(sickofpain12). I KNOW back in the "old days" there were not any meds to help people...and, NO, I'm not trying to just get pills. I wanted some information as to why I would be cut off without any weaning, tapering or even discussing getting off the medication in any way.
I think somebody mentioned a GP...that is a story in and of itself. I had a WONDERFUL GP who was kind and compassionate. That's where I tried most of the above mentioned things...oh forgot one...chiropractic therapy--YIKES!!! During that time I would have been wonderfully happy if any of them did a dang thing to releive the pain. He eventually had me on 20MGS of Oxycontin x3 per day along w/up to 6 5MG percocets daily for BT if needed...they weren't needed too much. Well, in steps a not so understanding husband who didn't like me to take meds becasue of the nasty rep they were getting (this was during the whole Rush Limbaugh thing) so he basically gave me an ultimatum....him and my daughter or the pills. You know which route I went....he made me "fire" my GP and go to the doctor that he worked with at the hospital he works at. Now, this new doctor works in a rehab unit so I thought he would be good at taking me off slowly...wrong...I did have to suddenly DC the meds with nothing but clonodine. Needless to say, I still had the pain and was told it was only PAWS...finally he agreed to "let" me have another MRI...he got the results and immediatlely "let" me go to a spinal disorder clinic. They did the fusion 4 months ago and here I sit, still in pain. I can't "excercise"....I can't really do anything...the back pain and pain in my mid-back as well as both shoulders is immense. I know I will probably have to do everying over again since it's a new pain doc...so I will probably have to DC the meds I'm on now as well, which is a shame because they help. The pain is not totally gone, but they take the edge off enough to be able to work, perform my "family" duties, etc... Oh, and BTW, my hubby is completely on board w/me now and feels absolutely horrible for making me give up my old GP...and we are all (my whole family) "firing" this other GP that we had been going to.....the dr. I am referring to is not compassionate at all...not just because of what he did to me, but where my hubby works on the alzheimers unit, they had an elderly patient w/cancer and dementia who was terminal. The night she died she was wailing, moaning, and screaming in pain...the dr denied her any pain meds in her final hours stating "she is dying, she doesn't know what's going on"....yeah...he's fired!!
Sorry for rambling, I appreciate all of your wisdom here, I really do. So, I think I have enough meds to last until the 24th--I haven't picked them up yet. I hope so, or that's another battle in and of itself. I hope to be able to post more and help out where I can. Thanks for making me feel welcomed (for the most part anyway!) and yes, I will check out the fibro board as well as the MS board----the surgeon mentioned something about my neurological tests being indicitave of MS as well.....but didn't pursue it so it must not be that bad.