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I'm 16 and I've been on seroquel for about a year now. I started out at about 300 mg and then went down. It made me gain weight had have central obesity. Basically my it didn't make my syptoms worse, but made me have other symtptoms. All those symptoms are over with, which went away about 6 months after been on it. I haven't gained weight but i haven't lost as much as i wanted to. The central obesity hasn't gotten any better.. Just last week, i was taken off the serqouel. I've been experecing a little bit of sleep promblems. How long does this usually last? I know its a little early, but does anyone know if i stop the seroquel whould it help the central obesity? I've been execrising and been watching what i eat(kinda). Thanks!
I begged my doctor to keep me on seroqel, it got to the point where i couldn't sleep without it. That was the only drawback as far as I went. They switched to abilify and for sleeping they went to trazadone. It's only been a few months since the switch, but the symptoms are creeping back again in only a minor way however. I've made this point clear and it seems they'll be switching me back. My last dose of Seroquel was 400mg at night and 100mg during the day. I slept better and the symptoms were under control for the most part. I wasn't right as rain, but better than I am now on the other 2.

I guess my withdrawls are unsteady sleep and a slight resurfacing of mild symptoms ( visual hallucinations ).
I have been off seroquel for 3 weeks and 4 days. Initially I had to take clonasapam(Rivitrol) for sleep (for about the first 2 weeks, off and on), I also took the antihistimine Polarimine as this has a side effect of sleepiness as well because I don't like taking clonas for a long period (and because I had this weird itchiness that seemed to coincide from coming off seroquel. Now I am sleeping for most of the night, although waking maybe twice during the night. I'm averaging about 6 hours of sleep a night. During the day I constantly feel slightly tired and am always a little agitated. Also I have this washed out sort of not completely there feeling. I am thinking that these feelings will improve because they have been improving slightly everyday. Hope your sleep improves. I have been trying the herbal remedy 5-htp as a sleeping aid for the last week. It didn't work in the first 2.5 weeks but seems to help now.