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:eek I need information.

I am currently on Seroquel, Trileptal, Klonipin and Xanex. I have been on various meds during the last 4 years. Most recent diagnosis was anxiety with depression and acute parasomnia. I have taken paxil, wellbutrin, effexor, lexapro and zoloft. Zoloft is the only med that keeps my anxiety in check. I recently was taken off Zoloft and was switched to Lex. This cocktail didn't work. Dr. took me off Lex and put me on Seroquel.

I am concerned that I am on too much medication. I have a family history of Obesity, Diabetes, Heart Attack, Strokes...........

Long story short. Hubby thinks Dr. is a pill pusher. I'm starting to wonder. I had faith in my Dr. until yesterday when he prescribed Seroquel. Also, I am supposed to take all of these meds at night at bedtime. I'm afraid "seriously" that I may go into a coma and not wake up.

My Doc assures me that all my meds are low doses. And that this cocktail will work.

Anyone else out there have this problem. I'm really getting scared and have nowhere to turn.

Please advise.