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Hi Kathy,
I just recently found a combination of klonopin and seroquel. A very small dose about 2 hours before bedtime. Start at 6.5mg of seroquel and whatever. This combo has worked for the last 3 weeks which is a long stretch for me.
Hi JB,
I have tried Seroquel and clono together - but thanks for the suggestion....I think I'm drug resistant or something?? Bulletin....thanks for the suggestion of tricyclic - might be something to ask the doc about - I am still ramping up on requip for RLS and hoping that will help whenever I get up to therapeutic dose.....
I have tried xanax - regular and ER and ativan and no help...a little work with relaxation techniques - have to admit I haven't worked as hard as I could with those - what is CBT - controlled breathing?? I've worked a little there....exercise would probably help - am trying there - have some other obstacles to that to get out of the way.....thanks everyone for your help - I am very grateful.....I am hopeful that this too shall pass some day.....
Best wishes to all,