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Hi i'm new here and don't mean to hijack

first of all you can go to your left hand panel (I think!) and just hit edit profile. That should allow you to change your gender status :) If you can't do this, email one of the mods and let them know. That usually works

Okay. the reason a newbie is accessing a post like this... I was dx sz about seven years ago, okay? And it was the crappiest time of my life. I'd been enlightened and found my way to truths beyond the scope or normal capabilities. Then to be told repeatedly that it was nothing more than a psychotic illness and "here, take these psychotropics" was shattering. I lost everything, and I mean everything. friends, support, self esteem, a chance at a normal life. Everything that I deserved to have as a free thinking human being was ripped out fromunder me. I was too shattered to take my rite of passage into adulthood and for most of these last seven years was spent in and out of involuntary hospitalization, being force fed drug after drug that caused me to get really sick. (Dizzy, totally detatched from myself most of the time, vomiting constantly, muscle spasms.. ) It took five different drug experiments before I found one (Seroquel) that was able towork for me. But I've lost myself forever. My memory is shot, my thoughts suck, I still hear voices and most of them scream all night long so I can't sleep.

Anyhow, I digress and it's for another time, I suppose.My point is, I wasn't just socially withdrawn and wanting help. In fact, help was the last thing I wanted. I felt enlightened, as I've said before. I controlled the weather and do you know how amazing is to see the sun comeup and know you're responsible?? Of course, this wasnt the only side effect of my illness but I'mjust giving you an idea of how i was feeling and what I was thinking. I was finally diagnosed and treated for undifferentiated schizophrenia (mostly paranoid and some hebephrenic tendencies... apparently)

Why do you want everyone to tell you that you've got this crappy, horrible, (insert veiled profanity here) illness?????? (because it seems you won't be happy until someone says you do) Why do you want to think you have this?? I mean, really! Do you know what your life will become if you are diagnosed sz? If you do have a psychotic illness, enjoy your relative normality (which I can see only judging from your posts thus far) while you can!! If everyone is telling you that it doesn't seem like sz, yes, still see a diagnostic professional, but I'd be sobbing and thanking god I'd escaped that trainwreck. because that's what sz has been to me. A total, shattering trainwreck.

Yes. Many schizophrenics are intelligent. But many are also.... um... not so very intelligent. I just wanted to say that. Intelligence isn't a criteria for psychosis.

I would definitely see someone if I were you. But not because I think you're sz. Because I think you'd benefit in getting help to find yourself, to find what makes you special and important and what you can do about it. To find out what's eating you (because, pardon me, but itseems that something is eating you) Maybe google personality disorders. I'm no doctor but it seems that peoploe here can give their thoughts and that's mine. I think you're just missing something in your life but it's not too late to get it back. :angel:

There is also the medication aspect also. some can really make your memory bad. Unless this is just me? I know my current meds (Seroquel) have made my memory really bad. In fact, just the other day I couldn't even remember my own age, didn't help the fact I didn't know what year it was. Took me about 5 minutes to work it out.
cloudedmind, I take seroquel myself. All my antipsychotic meds have wreaked havoc on my thoughts, my personality... but then again, so has the schizophrenia. Double whammy.