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Has anyone honestly taken Zyprexa without an astounding increase in appetite? I know the latest studies show that the efficacy of Zyprexa may indeed depend on weight gain. Maybe it is dependent on your percentage of body fat, I don't remember. Anyway, I gained a lot of weight while on it, and lost a lot of weight when I switched to Seroquel for a while. Now I am back on the Zyprexa as of 2 days ago and am waiting for the BIG APPETITE to strike again. It also makes me terribly sleepy.
I too noticed a huge increase in appetite when on this drug. (I took it for psychotic depression.) I used to eat twice as for dinner every night! It didn't work for me so I switched to seroquel, which made me sleep for 20hrs a day!
Now I'm on abilify, which doesn't make you sleepy and doesn't cause weight gain.

Hope this helps.