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So, I have problems with parasomnia...it had been going pretty well since I upped my Seroquel, then lately...I keep waking up while I am apparently trying to eat the blanket in my sleep. Not kidding. It's really weird! Anyone else experience this kind of thing? I've been known to do all kinds of weird stuff in my sleep, walking, talking, and before seroquel crazy stuff like walking into the ocean on vacation and baking cookies (?!). Any suggestions? At least it's something I can't actually eat. I'd hate to be eating random objects in my sleep!
Good old seroquel! To some, antipsychotics tend to make them more psychotic. Since it's a med that makes you drowsy, it has sort of the same effect as a sleep medication, which causes some people to experience odd behaviors.

Since you already had this problem, it seems like the increase has made it worse. I hope you talk to a professional about this so you can change medications.