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I have been taking Seroquel 600mg and Geogon 160mg. I have been on 2 antipsychotics for 6 years now. But seroquel was causing me to binge eat at night, but I need the sedation to sleep or I will not sleep. So now I am taking 200mg of seroquel in morning (doesnt bother me) Geodon 160mg and 400mg of Thorazine at night. It just sounds like alot. I dont feel over medicated, it takes alot to slow me down. My symptoms are mild and tolerable.
I have been thinking about going to just Clozaril. I dont know much about it, but it sounds like a pain, but I could come off some of these meds.
Any info for me?
Considering the different dosages, being on three antipsychotics isn't that strange. And it really all comes down to, how do you feel? How are your symptoms, your sideaffects?

If you would like to decrease medications, that can be an option. But before so, take account your functioning when not on meds. Again, how will you feel, your symptoms? If that is what you decide, slowly decreasing one medication at a time. Which med is doing the most, the least? You say you will not sleep off of Seroquel (or a sedation), and sleep can harden a lot of symptoms. What about the Thorazine? Has that helped any? And Geodon?

How were your symptoms when Thorazine was added after decreasing Seroquel? Any better? Is lowering that one an option for you, or is Geodon the less significant?

Just remember to ask yourself, and even your doctor, all of these questions. Even one antipsychotic can be rough, and three can be worse. So just take everything into account and make a decision that is best for you and your functioning.