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Hello, usually i'm on the depression board because i'm a depressed person and suffer from terrrible anxieties (mostly about health). My doctor put me on Seroquel today and said to start with 25Mg and see how i do. I also take Effexor which is an antidepressant. I hate taking all this medication but it beats feeling terribly depressed and worried and fearful all the time. Has anyone taken Seroquel and have any positive feed back? Also, will it take away the worry and fear that i always have that there is something wrong with me?
I take both effexor (225 mg) and seroquel (50mg) daily. I was put on seroquel 5 years ago due to sleep problems and confusion. This helped quite a bit. This is a popular combination from what I hear.
I was also on Effexor (300mg?) and Seroquel (600mg) at the same time. Low dosages of antipsychotics, including Seroquel, do a lot for intense anxiety. It can usually subside repetitive thoughts (i.e. health anxiety). The only problem is the sedation affect. Seroquel can cause drowsiness and "brain fog". But on the upside, it can help significantly (for both anxiety and sleep).

At one time I was taking 900mg of Serqouel. More recently I was taking 400-600mg/day. It was for schizophrenia, although I was first diagnosed as major depressive with psychotic features. The Seroquel helped me lose 50 lbs I had gained on Zyprexa because my appetite decreased. But after taking the Seroquel for about a year, it stopped working and I went back to Zyprexa. Seroquel was sedating when I first started it, but that gradually stopped. I couldn't tell hat it helped with anxiety.