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ok, so, I just got married and hubby and I are staying with his parents in another state. I have chronic deteriorationg schizophrenia, just recently started taking meds again (Seroquel, Risperidol). Being in a strange environment plus stress from being around the inlaws plus other stress in my life has got my head going crazy. Voices are SO bad right now, can't hold on to reality with the voices and hallucinations being so bad. Hubby doesn't seem to think it's a big deal, but I'm freaking out and about to loose what grip on reality I've managed to maintain. We flew here and I couldn't take my meds on the plane with me so I have nothing to help. I just need some clue as to how to manage this for the next few weeks until I get home. I'm loosing reality fast, and the voices and delusions are not the friendly kind, very nasty in fact. If anyone can help me please respond fast. I feel so out of control.