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Thanks to all who replied.
To Unaccounted4, I met my guy in a park in Virginia. He is 48 and I am 38.
We met last year and at first were just friendship resources for each other as we were both recovering from other breakups. We're both Pisces, so hopefully this clears things up and we aren't dating the same guy!

We then became closer to each other and waited a long time before we slept together. i have issues concerning sexual intimacy, due to a prior sexual assault and he has been the ONLY guy who was ever kind and tender about that and the only guy who didn't push sex on me anyway or play any manipulative mind games to get me into bed. He's the only guy I have felt like I've ever made love with, all the other guys (there were only 3 before him) just used me for their own pleasure.

When I am with him, i notice more attention deficit type behaviors than any type of "schizophrenic" behavior, but then I am not sure what schiz. behavior is. He gets distracted very easily and sometimes it can be annoying because we can never get anywhere on time.

The meds he's TOLD me he's on are Seroquel, Adderal, Trazedone, Klonipin and Cymbalta. As I said before, we live 2 hours apart, so we don't see eachother everyday. I wonder what he's like on his "off days".

On the other hand, I wanted to point out, that the "undiagnosed" boyfriend I had before him had the sick hobby of watching animal and human torture videos that he down loaded from the internet. He was also nasty, mean and selfish with me. It's amazing who gets diagnosed and who remains undiagnosed in this world.