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I've had an untreated sleep disorder for soo long... two years. I saw a psychiatrist a year/half ago and since I've been prescribed Trazadone, Paxil, and Im on Seroquel right now, and NONE of these meds have done anything. Seroquel is supposed to help you sleep, but the 200 mg doesnt do ****. What pisses me off is that I got a psychiatrist and a counselor and they both seem to think there is some other **** wrong with me and no one wants to treat me for sleep directly. Im not ****ing depressed, I dont have any mood problems, I dont have ****, I just cant get to sleep, I can stay awake for so long. My clock is just so messed up. Its really ****ed up my life cuz I dropped out of high school cuz I was absent so much and I dont know what the hell Im gonna do. If only I would've been treated for sleep since the beginning, Id prob still be in school and ****.