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Ok so I don't seem to have any other problem than severe insomnia... My psychiatrist prescribed 100mg of Seroquel. I took it for 30 days and it never had any kind of effect on me. I never felt the least bit sleepy because of it. When I saw my dr again, he increased the dose to 200mg, and it still did not make any difference. I had to get a good nights sleep a few adays ago so I took 400mg to no avail. I've heard that some people do great with as little as 25mg - well, you're all lucky if this is the case. I am 6ft, 180 lbs, and since I am 16, no dr has ever given me any real sleeping pills, always BSing me with other stuff like Trazodone, Paxil, Hydroxyzine, and now this, which doeasn't help me at all for my problem.
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Look into the drug itself, and be careful with the doses, it is a narcotic.
It is designed to help you sleep, but like any other medication, it may not work for some people.

Talk to your psychiatrist and let them know your feelings on it, If you feel he/she is not helping you much, switch to another psychiatrist.

Seroquel is not a narcotic, it is an antipsychotic that is often used for sleep. Personally I didn't like it. And Trazadone gave me wicked bad dreams and next day hangovers. There are new sleep meds like lunesta and rozerem, which are not "controlled" substances with little to no risk of dependence. perhaps you can ask your psychiatrist about these. hope this helps.:)
My wife is on 100mg tablets of Seroquel to help her sleep, and it works well, with no side affects. Myself, I was only taking one 25mg tablet, it helped me fall asleep, but not stay asleep, and the next morning I was feeling drowsey, foggy/hazy rotten. The affects from this drug in my case really depends on the person taking it. I'm currently trying Melatonin (3mg tablet, 30 minutes before bed). No Seroquel for me thank you very much.
My psychiatrist switched me to Seroquel the day it was put on the market - mid-1997 I think. 25mg knocks me flat on my hiney for 12 solid hours, so the idea of taking 200, 300, or 400 mg and still not being able to sleep just astounds me. I am also very surprised that a doctor would prescribe it as a sleep aid. As the above letters state, it is for the treatment of certain psychiatric disorders. I take it for bi-polarism, and it is extremely effective in disrupting that shimmering upward spiral toward three days and nights of unprecedented creative brilliance - which is always followed by a weary splat back to reality. The older I get, the worser my splat.

Seroquel has a couple of contraindications that warrant attention - it causes rapid weight gain, and like all the drugs in its class, it can induce adult diabetes; especially in those who are genetically predisposed.