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Hi, I'm currently having some problems with impulse control. I see a therapist and have for a couple years. I also take medication. I'm on Cymbalta (60mg) 1 time a day for depression, Wellburtin 1 time a day for depression, Buspar (15mg) 3 times a day for anxiety and OCD, and Seroquel for sleeping. Throughout my struggles with my mental health, I've had problems with controlling my impulses. I could be walking across a bridge and then the bright idea top climb over the edge would pop into my head and I'd do so. I also have opened car doors while the car was in motion, just because it felt "right". For awhile it was alright, I'd have the thoughts, but be able to control myself. Although, lately these feelings have been coming back, and have been more intense. I recently got very angry and literally punched myself in the face. I have a history of self-injury, but it was nothing like that. It was just a sudden impulse that I acted on, resulting in a slightly black eye. I've also had thoughts of throwing myself down the stairs, and driving off the road or into traffic. I'm nervous to drive. Has anyone else experienced this? Any advice?