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I come from a long and chunky line of sleep-eaters; I grew up with it and I assumed everybody did it. My mom was a sleep-eater, and my grandma before her. My brother did it from the time he could open a refrigerator, I didn't start till I was about twenty. My aunt and two first cousins do it.

This is true. The practice of sleep-eating involves getting up while sound asleep, in the night, in the dark, in one's jammies, and eating whatever you can find in the kitchen. It doesn't necessarily have to be food; I once stopped my mother from eating a raw bacon and Jergens sandwich because I thought she was bluffing. She wasn't of course, she was sound asleep. She gave it up with a sweet smile and padded off to bed with the can of sardines I had traded her. I hadn't started sleep eating yet when that happened - I was still sort of judgmental toward the members of my family who did.

With a live-in grandma, mom, and brother all gathering around the refrigerator at night, sometimes it got congested in there. But for the most part everybody was pleasant and courteous, with distant and soporific smiles on their faces. My brother, occasionally not so much. I could hear him grunt and growl sometimes. Then I grew into it, so I guess there were four of us passing in and out of the kitchen all night.

We showed two distinct patterns: brother and grandma were kitchen eaters, they stayed right in there grazing until they were full. They left stuff out, open, and on the floor. Mom and I were the other kind of sleep-eater, we got what we needed and took it back to bed. We woke up with crumbs, wrappers, melted chocolate, upturned cereal bowls.

My beloved mother and grandmother have both passed on. My brother and I are both in our fifties now and are still sleep eaters. According to his wife, he still stands at the refrigerator like a grizzly bear in boxer shorts and grunts and snarls while he eats everything left from dinner. According to the stuff I wake up with, I still bring it back to bed with me.

One of the first things I ever Googled was "sleep-eating". I got three hits. Two were articles intimating it was out there, but only in 1% of the population, and they were ashamed to talk about it. The third was a site that an RN in Texas had put together - she was very interested and knowlegeable on the subject (probably grew up in a family of them like I did) but her information was limited. I asked my smart and favorite psychiatrist about it seven or eight years ago...he gave me a very solid "are you crazy?" stare and said he'd never heard of it, but it was some harmless manifestation of sleepwalking, he supposed.

I don't talk about it much since I got from Google that I should be ashamed. But I still do it pretty consistently. A few weeks ago I saw on the news that some of the new non-narcotic sleeping pills are causing people to eat while they are asleep, and now this is a topic of interest and excitement. We got our own acronym: NS-RED. Nocturnal Sleep-related Eating Disorder. Our numbers are up from 1% to 3%. We have about a bazillion Google hits now. SSRI's will make us quit doing it. (No, they won't, trust me.) I do know for very, very sure that Seroquel, which I take occasionally, exacerbates it. I've not taken any other med that phases it one way or the other. I seem to wake up most often with chocolate and cereal pieces, which backs up the articles that say that the sleep-eater goes for sugar and fat. I sure never woke up with any broccoli stems. Once I woke with gummi bears stuck to me cap-a-pie. I was festooned with them.

There you have it, I have OUTED myself. I am not ashamed! I would love to hear from any fellow NS-REDdies. What's your favorite food, how often do you night-graze, do you keep it a secret? Shall we have a support group? I think the numbers are way higher than 1-3%, am I right?~~~