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My doctor had me on Seroquel for anxiety and the paranoia and it worked really well...it felt like I was just normal, really surprised me....no voices, hallucinations, confused thoughts etc....I loved being on it, but I started to get the first signs of tardive dyskensia so I was taken off it. Part of me does suspect Schizophrenia or similar....I mean it just doesn't feel like Anxiety, I've had a pretty severe anxiety disorder for 10 or so years now but the last 6 months in particular have felt different...not like my usual anxiety or depression....It's like I know something isn't right but I'm scared of what that something might be. The main reason I can't really bring myself to accept the possibility of Sz is because I am not out of touch with reality....I know the hallucinations aren't real and I know the thoughts and paranoia are all in my head, even if I am stuck inside too scared to open the curtains or look at the windows for fear of what I might see (or what might be looking at me) I do know that it's not real....I'll be telling myself all the time, stop being so stupid this is not real, you know it's not real.....I thought people with Sz didn't always know there hallucinations etc weren't real????