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hey, hope everybody is having a good morning! yesterday i went to my doc appt. with my family doc. we went over a lot of stuff, including increasing my dose of oxycontin 50 mg tid to 60 mg tid which i believe was much needed. the last 2-3 weeks have not been very good as far as pain goes especially at night. it's also been a few years since an increase has taken place. but i sure hope only increasing by 10 mg at each dose again will be enough, last increase was 40 mg to 50 mg and that is all i needed. i also take lyrica 150 mg bid which was recentely increased to 300 mg bid i don't seem to notice much, but maybe i just need to give it some more time, effexor 75 mg od, and oxy-ir 10 mg prn. even with haveing the oxy-ir for bt pain i just could not get my pain level down, but i was only takeing those as needed once the pain was already there like in the middle of the night and we all know how hard it is to attack pain once it is already full blown so again i am really hopeing increasing the dose will be helpful in preventing the pain before it can become full blown.

the tramacet that i had mentioned in a recent post my doc. let me now that it says for patience opoid dependant and for patience takeing other ssri anti-deppresants that there could be some interactions. which is o.k. because i was not getting any relief from it. also the same after hours doc that rx tramadol also rx seroquel for sleep. now i know that it is labelled as an anti-psychotic with i quess has an off label use for sleep. my doc does not want me to take this drug either not sure why? i normally do not take anything for sleep usually if my pain is at a bareable level i am usually alright to sleep. i also have not had any time to research it so i don't know much about it.

this friday i also have appt. with pm doc who i have not seen in well over a year. he was the one way back who originally put me on oxycontin. i am really looking forward to that appt. well i gotta run for now. hope everybody has a great day.