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i cannot remember a time when i could sleep well. i was diagnosed with chronic insomnia about 3 years ago and have been on seroquel, trazodone, zyprexa, rozerem, remeron, ambien, lunesta, klonopin, depakote, and amantadine all to treat my insomnia. i am currently on ambien, and it is amazing.
i should mention that before you go and ask your doctor or who ever to put you on ambien, you should know that, at higher doses, (for me, it was 20mg), ambien can cause you to sleep walk. i was told by my parents that they came home from a party and found me gardening in the back yard, (at 10pm at night), and that i walked my dog around the block with my mother and had a full conversation with her. all i remember is falling asleep in a chair in my room and waking up in the same spot 2 hours later.:dizzy: i now take 10mg and that seems to be a happy medium for me.