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Hello All,
I am looking for input about long-term experiences with treatments for schizophrenia.

My mother, age 57, has been diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar for about 20 years now. Though as for that, I know she has been schizophrenic since I was a young child. She went into the hospital for the umpteenth time right before Christmas because she was wandering around town having dillusions after staying up all night.

What we are noticing is that her medication is no longer effective. She takes Seroquel and has, in the past, taken just about every known drug available for schizophrenia. Unfortunately, she is still mentally "drifting." It used to be that she was almost normal as long as she took her medication as directed and got enough sleep (and didn't watch the evening news or read science fiction books or spend too much time alone, and so on). Things have changed and it doesn't look good for her.

My question is this. Has anyone out here noticed that the effectiveness of psychtropic medications decreases with long-term use? Also, my mother attempted suicide several times by overdosing on her psychotropic medication - any thoughts about how this might have impacted her brain?

She is to the point that my aunt and cousin would like to take away her rights to make decisions for herself unless she agrees to live in a group home with a lot of structure. Does anyone have positive or negative experiences with that?

I think Seroquel is the only medication they are actually using to treat her schizophrenia symptoms. This makes more sense. I am grateful for your input about another medication. I am going to call the hospital in a few minutes to speak to her nurse and ask some more questions. Thanks!