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Thanks Director!
[[COLOR="Gray"]removed]The only med we havent dialed in yet is hubbys seroquel, the price is $587 for a months supply, so we will have to do something obviously, If the doctor doesnt know of a similar cheaper med to switch him to, I will contact the manufacturer and try and get a 'scholorship' for him.
I am a native Oregonian, was born in Eugene, But my mom is from Washington, She was born in Gig Harbor, My sister lives in Tacoma and neice is in Seattle. Love the pacific northwest, I have never wanted to live anywhere else. Thanks for the support, hope you have a good weekend.
Your Friend, Fabby :wave:
Hi Fabby !

I posted right after you first did last nite and my post isnt on here..Dont know what haoppend to it but to sum the rambling up, I just wished you well and really hate to read about what happened but am really happy that things already are looking up !
Prayers work wonders !!

Hey , you mentioned lortab on walmarts list...I have a friend who has no insurance and needs to participate in this !..I looked at the Walmart site and didnt see it mentioned

I used to take seroquel and there is NO WAY I would have been able to take it without insurance

Hopefully youll get a huge break on those too !!!

Great luck to you and yours !!!
Often when eligibility is cut off for a government run program there is a way to appeal the decision. I strongly suggest that you appeal the loss of your medical insurance as far as you can go with it! Call your local legal aid society and see if they can help you with the appeal.

Worse case scenario: Your husband goes off his seroquel and has an exacerbation of his symptoms. He then loses his income and becomes eligible for social security. Once this happens you would then either get spousal social security benefits though him or qualify on your own as his income would no longer block you out. In my state even $1 per month in SSI benefit qualifies you for medical assistance, and I believe after 2 years on SSI medicare kicks in.

Good Luck!