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Yeah things are good!!,i feel a lot more alert on Abilify ,sometimes the restlesness can be too much but i take procyclidine to counter that and i experience some hallucinations more than i would if i was on likes of seroquel or respidal ,but i can live with it . There was an instance of mental illness in my family!!.:dizzy: .How do you find olanzapine ,i have been reading a lot about that drug in the media have you had any problems with it?

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I read than Zyprexa can cause weight gain and diabetes, the company who produced the drug have a few lawsuits againt them!.Sorry to hear about the paranioa,do you experience voices?,i experience what can only be describesd as a running commentary of my actions,i know not all people with sz do.When i was on seroquel i was tired all the time and had trouble staying up!!