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hi i'm 21 and almost exactly a year ago i was hospitalized for intrusive thoughts of homicide and suicide and i'm just not like that, i also had paranoia, delusions, depression, and a feeling that nothing at all was real, that everything was part of my imagination, and that i was the only real being, and other times i felt like an outside observer of my body like i couldn't control what i was doing, like i didn't exist, i was diagnosed with Schizoaffective Disorder not to long ago, and recently i've been feeling very lethargic, hopeless and majorly depressed, i've been having bouts of paranoia every now and then, i'd say maybe once every 2 days, and my anxiety has been like a roller coaster, i am currently on the medications, seroquel, risperdal, zoloft and xanax.

all of this is concerning me, starting with the lethargy, and feeling like i should be out somewhere doing something to better my life but i just can't, everytime i've tried to do something a symptom kicks in and i feel like my life is never going to change and i get depressed and start thinking i'll always be this way and i'll never be able to do anything with my life, and i don't tell my friends because i don't trust them to believe me, i just sit around in my house being depressed and sleeping most of the days, then sometimes the intrusive thoughts start up again, (one for example is being afraid that i'm going to become possessed by a demon)
i've been isolating my self from friends and have been very untrusting of people for about 2 months now.

i feel much better doing this rather than speaking to my friends because i fear they don't believe me and will persecute me for it.

i've had this weight on my shoulders for a while, i'm glad i found this site so i could finally get somethings off my chest, so maybe if someone has or is having a similar experience i'd like to hear about it so i don't feel so alone in the world, and maybe some advice would be useful.

anyway thanks to those who read this.
how much do you know about seroquel? I read your post and I am on it, for sleeping. However lately, I hate admitting this... crap. But anyway the smallish voices I heard in the distance ( probably due to depression and nothing else) are getting a lot louder. And I know their fake and all... but it's just weird that they get louder when I'm put on an ANTI psychotic...

Anyway I really wanted to tell you that there is hope... and you won't "always be like this". I'm sorry it seems so bleak and like that... but just hang in there ( i know, i know it gets annoying to keep hearing that all the time)
thank you for reading that, i appreciate it a lot, i'll try to stay optimistic and see this through, i was actually on a med that made my symptoms worse at one point as well, i think it was remeron, but i'm not sure, i hear sometimes this happens with antipsychotic meds, i told my psychiatrist and they helped me find something else, i don't know a lot about seroquel but i know it helps with sleep, and it also helps with intrusive and racing thoughts and delusions i believe.