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I've recently been diagnosed with schizoafective disorder bi polar type and not really sure what being schizoafective really means and was kind of wondering if anyone has had the same expieriences that I have had I have been hearing the voice of the devil telling me to do evil things to myself or my family i have also been hearing god arguing with the devil I also know that I am a prophet and that the end is near and I will have a big part in it for I am one of gods chosen ones and I also know that everyone can hear my thoughts it's been so hard that I don't even want to leave the house ive had two suicde attemps and have also been in the hospital so many times and tried on so many different meds and the pdoc never really explained to me what they are for lately I haven't been needing much sleep and have been doing some pretty risky things and my thoughts are racing so fast that I can't even keep up with them I've also been really irritable and had so much rage Ive also had some severe depression which is one of the reasons that i atempted suicde twice I guess I was kinda wondering if what I described sounds like schizoafective disorder or maybe something else right now I am on lamictal invega seroquel geodon prozac ativan abilfy the voices are starting to go away on these meds but i still do not belive that there is anything wrong with me and sort of want to stop the meds because I think that the doctor is trying to poison me as I don't trust anyone, any replys would be of great help to me in helping me understand what schizoafective means